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Why We Require Documents

There are three distinct reasons we require two unique forms of documentation for each submission:

1. To verify eligibility to Sign the Covenant
2. To ensure no individual can Sign the Covenant more than once
3. To prove beyond any shadow of doubt that each Signature is from a REAL person


To be eligible to Sign the Covenant, you need to have been born on or before 5th May 2005 (thus being 16 years of age at the next Scottish Parliamenary Election) and currently RESIDENT in Scotland OR Registered to Vote in Scotland.

The “ID Document” requested must be Government-issued and contain your name and date of birth – this allows the Verification of Age Eligibility to Sign.

The “Proof of Address Document” requested must be an official letter, utility bill etc and contain your name and post code (for an Address in Scotland) – this allows Verification of Resident Eligibility to Sign. If you are not resident in Scotland but Registered to Vote in Scotland, evidence of that should be submitted as your Proof of Address Document.

NOTE: You do NOT need to be on the Electoral Register in Scotland to Sign the Covenant IF YOU LIVE IN SCOTLAND. There are many reasons folk may decide not be registered to vote, and that should not exclude them from subscribing to this engagement if they believe reform is required for them to re-engage with the democratic processes.

The Core Team explored MANY potential avenues to verify eligibility without asking for these documents from you, as we recognise (and, indeed, share) the concerns some may have in providing these, but NO OTHER OPTION was available to us as ordinary people in the Grassroots – we are all committed to the cause of Independence, many of you will know many of us in the Core Team, but not all of us are ready / willing to put our heads above the parapet when it comes to revealing who we are (for what really should be obvious reasons, if you fully “get” what is being built here)

Let us state it as plainly and as clearly as we can for you all:

“We have zero interest in your personal data beyond Verification purposes!”


Let us now outline how it IS used to achieve the three goals above:


Check 1: Is the submission complete?
Check 2: Does Name and Date of Birth entered on the form match the ID document provided?
Check 3: Does Name and Postcode entered on the form match the Proof of Address document provided?
Check 4: Has this Signature been Committed to the Blockchain already?

If ANY of these four checks Fail, the submission fails verification and the individual is notified by email. AT THIS POINT, ALL YOUR DATA ON OUR SYSTEMS IS DESTROYED, PERMANENTLY – a fresh submission is required, from scratch.

If ALL FOUR of these checks Pass, the submission becomes a Verified Signature and is Committed to the Blockchain.

The data submitted to the Blockchain is 100% anonymised and can only be cross-checked back to the originally-submitted data (Name, Date of Birth, Postcode) via a Verification Script AND access to the data submitted by you.

The data submitted to the Blockchain also ensures that the two files you have uploaded cannot be tampered with in any way, as the post-Handover Verification of the Signature would fail if the checksums on the offline data do not match the checksums in the Blockhain Transaction Data.


Yes. Once it’s finalised and fully tested, the Verification Script will be open-sourced and made Public, for full transparency.


Nobody. As soon as a Signature is Committed to the Blockchain, your data is taken offline to secure storage and kept there until Handover. The data will be handed over “under contract” to the Scottish Government and/or Judiciary, and the Digital Assembly / Commission will decide on the terms of those Contracts – it’s YOUR data, not ours, so YOU will determine how long they get to complete their own Verification Checks, when that data should be permanently destroyed by them, etc. etc. etc.

This whole process is about giving control back to the People of Scotland, not just for deciding we want Independence but to decide WHAT KIND of Independent Scotland we want to live in – Decisions made by us, not for us!

After Signing the Digital Covenant, you take your Seat in the Digital Assembly – this has never been hidden, it’s on the FAQs on this website, it’s on the Declarations Page of the Signature Process, it’s mentioned by the Core Team at every opportunity as that’s all they’re focused on building at the moment, that functionality required for YOU to have your say on ANYTHING going forward, forever!

So we ask this of you all, take a step back, look at what’s being offered to you all here – it’s a free and better Scotland on a silver platter, but YOU need to build it through the decisions YOU make, the first one being to #TakeControl and #JoinTheAssembly.


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