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we need Volunteers

The backbone to successful delivery, just as it was back in 1949-51, is the tenacity of the Scottish People and their willingness to work hard with and for each other. To accommodate maximum inclusion in this Engagement, those of us who find it easy to Sign the Covenant are called upon to help those who may struggle with it (or not have access to the necessary facilities) by volunteering to collect signatures in your local community.

If you own / operate a business at a fixed location, or are available to attend events / meetings in your local area, and are willing & able to help individuals wishing to Sign the Covenant, please join the following Facebook group

IMPORTANT: Please answer the Membership Questions when joining this group, as these answers will allow the Admin Team to map coverage across Scotland, update the website accordingly, and co-ordinate activities efficiently – most co-ordination of Volunteers will take place within this Group.

If you do not have Facebook, please use the Contact Page to send us an E-Mail and the Admin Team will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.