Scottish Digital Covenant


Signing this Covenant will, for the vast majority of eligible individuals, involve three simple steps on this Website – input some details on a secure form, upload the required documentation and submit your “Digital Signature” for Verification.

Once a Digital Signature has been received, the Covenant Admin Team will complete three simple checks – Age, Residence and Double Signature – and then commit your (anonymised) Digital Signature to the Blockchain.


All individuals resident in Scotland and born on or before 5th May 2005 (thus making them of voting age at the next scheduled Scottish General Election on 6th May 2021) will be eligible to affirm their Signature to this Covenant.

Required Documentation

We will employ standard and long-established ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) Verification checks for Identification and Proof of Address.


Preferably Photographic ID which clearly shows your Date of Birth and has been issued by a Government Agency, e.g. Passport or Driver’s License.

If Photo ID is not available, you can submit your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or other official documentation, provided it is issued by a Government Agency and clearly shows your Name and Date of Birth.

Proof of Address: must be in the same name as the Identification Document submitted and must display an address in Scotland. Your Proof of Address can be any letter issued by any organisation or Government Agency, provided the name matches the Identification provided.


If you are a Registered Voter in Scotland, please submit your Poll Card from the Snap UK General Election held on 12th December 2019 as your Proof of Address Document – in doing so, your Signature will be recognised within the count as that of a Registered Voter in Scotland.




The details you input on the simple form MUST match the details in the Documentation you upload.

Need Help

It is recognised that there will be eligible individuals who may struggle in completing this process, for one reason or another, and every effort will be made to facilitate maximum inclusion in this Engagement – if you cannot find an Outlet, or an Event / Meeting where a Volunteer will be in attendance, to receive help in affirming your Signature to the Covenant, please use the Contact Page and provide us with details of your location, and the Admin Team will reply to you at the earliest opportunity.