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Phase 2 & 3 – The Digital Assembly & The Round Table

This is an update from the Tech Team & Blockchain Team on the Infrastructure being planned for these phases, with domains already secured and holding pages being created for each, until Phase 2 is Activated – target for that is 1 million Signatures, so the ball’s in Scotland’s court now, and we’ll just plod on building until you catch us up. #GameOn

Phase 2 – The Digital Assembly
TheBlockchain.Scot – The Root

If you Sign the Digital Covenant and get your Transaction ID, you will have access to all that TheBlockchain.Scot has to offer as we grow and develop. TheBlockchain.Scot will eventually form into a Not-for-Profit Organisation over time, maintain all of the Phase 2 & 3 Infrastructure in line with how the Assembly decide it should grow, and all profits are made available to the Assembly – decisions on where the money is ultimately spent will be down to Albannaich to decide, and down to The Round Table to implement on the ground. The £50 donations to Foodbanks in Scotland, from the £1 donated-forward from Courtesy Copy Box Orders, are already being put to the Temporary Assembly Hall for allocation on a first-come-first-served basis. #OneLove

GitChain.Scot – The Records Room

A Document Control Service, accessed through TheBlockchain.Scot Account, where Assembly Members can propose amendments to any document, gather support for those amendments, put those amendments to a Committee of the Whole Assembly for a decision to be made – if you’re an Assembly Member, ANY document, be it an issue in your local community or proposal for How To Start a New Country, can be tabled with The Round Table for consideration by the Assembly. (Once it’s activated, of course!)

DigitalAssembly.Scot – The Debating Chamber

Social Media Style Platform, accessed through TheBlockchain.Scot Account. This is yours to design and help build – what do YOU want? Get your Transaction ID and join the Temporary Assembly Hall to get access to the Digital Scotland Discord Server, #HaveYourSay and start as you mean to go on.

This really is our gift to Scotland, please use it.

Albannaich.Scot – The Commission

The Assembly will elect representatives to form Albannaich, a body of Commissioners representing the Assembly Members as a whole – representation can be down to Ward Level across Scotland, if that’s what the Assembly want, and all details on how that comes about are yours to decide as well, in agreeing the Constitution of The Assembly as the Assembly. #MakeItYours

Phase 3 – The Round Table
TheRoundTable.Scot – The Front Line

As they start coming through, decisions of the Assembly via Albannaich will need to be implemented somehow, be it at National Level or Ward Level – to this end, we will begin by creating only 8 TRT Hubs, one for each Parliamentary Region in Scotland. As we gather Signatures on the Digital Covenant, we will grow the network of Volunteers on the Front Line – think of the glue that pulls everything together, cradle-to-cradle, the Human Blockchain that already exists, your own personal and community networks.


That’s about as far as we can go until we get direction from you, the Scottish People, on where you want to take things for a New Scotland – if it requires more from us, we’ll work that in, or we will work with you to accomplish your requirements using TheBlockchain.Scot as Login Authentication & Authorisation functionality.

Final note from us, please consider joining the Digital Scotland Discord Server and get involved, any and all input from Assembly Members will help us make this what you want it to be – there’s a link in the Announcements section in the Temporary Assembly Hall, and you get access to that from the e-mail with the copy of your Transactin ID from signing the Digital Covenant #TickTheBox #ShareYourIdeas #MakeItReality #NotADream

Thank you.

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