The full story of the 1951 Covenant is covered in this video, better than we could do telling it in text – we highly recommend you set aside an hour and watch it, make a night of it with a few friends and enjoy it together.

Otherwise, here are the pertinent details, for your convenience.

On 29th October 1949, twelve hundred people from churches, Town Councils and Trade Unions across Scotland, supporters of all political parties and supporters of none, convened in the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh to agree the wording of, and put their signature to, a Scottish Covenant for Home Rule. Within a week, half a million of their fellow Scots had signed the Covenant, which went to all corners of the Land to reach two million signatures before being disregarded by the UK Government and hidden away in the National Archives.


Our Scottish Parliament has a pre-Union history of adopting, and legislating for, Covenants from the People, but we did not have our Scottish Parliament when the 1949/51 Covenant was signed by over 2 million Scots – it was submitted to the Scotland Office of the UK Government and hidden away in the National Archives.


Now that our Scottish Parliament has reconvened at Holyrood, The Scottish Covenant 2019 (for Independence, this time) will be submitted directly to our Elected Representatives there, as well as to our second Scottish Parliament at Westminster, and be cc’d to as many Sovereign Scots as have ordered a Courtesy Copy during this Engagement.


There are more details on the proposed handover on the Handover page, and more information on the Courtesy Copy of the Official Submission on the Funding page.