The Handover

A framed, decorative document with the wording of the Covenant and the number of signatures collected will be publicly handed over to the First Minister of Scotland, and a letter sent to all 129 MSPs in the Scottish Parliament and 59 MPs for Scotland at the Westminster Parliament, informing them of the People’s desire to dissolve the UK Union.

We do not know where Scotland will be when it comes time to submit The Scottish Covenant 2019 to our Elected Representatives, so the wording of the Letter to our Elected Representatives cannot be finalised until we get to that point. However, the Team have generated this Sample Letter, to provide context and allow you to visualise the purpose and direction of travel for this Covenant.

Alongside this summary submission, the encrypted portable storage devices containing the data required to facilitate formal verification of the signatures on the Covenant will be handed over to the First Minister of Scotland, complete with a confidential document on the verification process and a copy of the Privacy Policy under which each indvidual has submitted documentation.