Path to Independence

Giving Effect

A People’s Path to Independence (without a Referendum)

The purpose of a Referendum is to formally document a verifiable majority in support of a particular course of action, but it is not the only way to do so – The Digital Scottish Covenant 2019 (“the Covenant”) will deliver the same end result, a verifiable majority of the Scottish People in support of ending the UK Union.

As the Covenant gathers support, we will provide a facility for those who have signed the Covenant to take their Seat as a Member of The People’s Assembly (“the Assembly”) using their Transaction ID from the Blockchain to verify they have Signed the Covenant – the Admin Team will provide regular progress updates to the Assembly and members can use that Platform to co-ordinate activities to push the Covenant forward. We will also launch and facilitate other pieces of work on HOW Scotland will withdraw from the UK Union, and The People of Scotland can work on these Transition Plans together, as one, through the Assembly.

As the Covenant begins to head towards Majority Support from the Scottish Electorate, we will provide a facility for Assembly members to register as Candidates for The People’s Commission (“the Commission”) and campaign for votes from the Assembly to represent The People of Scotland after completion and submission of the Covenant – the structure of the Commission is still being worked on, but the 1951 Covenant started with 1200 ordinary people and we are aiming to finish the 2019 Covenant with the same number, ensuring that every single constituency & region across the whole of Scotland is represented.

The Commission, as elected by the Assembly, will be responsible for deciding what formal actions to take to ensure the Covenant, as signed by an overwhelming and verifiable majority of Scotland by this point in the process, is adopted and implemented by Scotland’s Elected Representatives – there are many paths this can take, depending on how our Elected Representatives react to the Covenant, but no course of action will be ruled out and decisions on which actions are pursued will be made by the Commission through a democratic process of voting on the Blockchain.

This year, 2020, is shaping up to be a very eventful year now that the most right-wing version of the Tories imaginable are back in power at Westminster, and Scotland could conceivably find itself facing a cliff-edge hard Brexit alongside a lot of other (UK) Constitutional change outlined in the Tory Manifesto (Pages 47 & 48, Protecting Our Democracy, for reference)

It is CRITICAL that Scotland leaves the UK Union as early as is practicably possible, therefore we urge you to please spread word of this Engagement to every corner of the Land, impress upon your fellow Scots that We CAN do this, We MUST do this, We SHALL do this, for Scotland!