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The Scottish Covenant 2019

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We take our inspiration from the 1951 Scottish Covenant and use this opportunity to thank John MacCormick, Ian Hamilton QC and the 1198 of their fellow Scots who gathered in Edinburgh on 29th October 1949 to launch The Scottish Covenant for Home Rule – thank you all for your vision 70 years ago, we hope to do you proud by emulating your approach to exercising our democratic right as ordinary people.

The world has moved on since then, and we now live in a digital world where coming together as one is much easier facilitated than it was just last century, pre-millenium. Today, we have Distributed Ledger Technology available to us and the ability to Digitally Record each eligible indvidual’s affirmation to this Covenant on a permanent and immutable Public Blockchain, unable to be hidden away in the National Archives. (For more on the history of the 1951 Scottish Covenant, check the History page on this website.)

The Scottish Covenant 2019

We, the people of Scotland who subscribe to this Engagement, declare our belief that reform in the constitution of our country is necessary to secure good government in accordance with our Scottish traditions and to promote the social and economic welfare of our nation.


We affirm that the desire for such reform is both deep and widespread through the whole community, transcending all political differences and sectional interests, and we undertake to continue united in purpose for its achievement.


With that end in view we solemnly enter into this Covenant whereby we pledge ourselves to do everything in our power to secure for Scotland a Parliament complete with all powers of State and with full legislative authority in Scottish affairs, both domestic and international, and hereby call for the Treaty of Union to be ended forthwith.

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